Responsible web design is not easy – it requires energy, internet, design time and space, and energy-efficient machines upon which to do the work. I spend about 90% of my work time and 70% of my personal time on internet-connected devices. This is the case for many people in my industry, age-range, field of work, city, country, world. We’re all plugged in all the time.

I’m not pointing this out in any sort of “woe is me, millennials are poisoned by screens, let’s go camping” judgmental observation. I’m pointing it out because we – as a people – are consuming more energy than ever before without offsetting that somehow. I’m not sure what the longterm implications are of this lifestyle change – I’m an artist not a scientist – but I feel compelled to acknowledge and respond to this as responsibly as I can.

As a free-lancer, I spent a lot of time googling ways to have a more energy-efficient home and lifestyle and the deeper I got into it, the more opportunity I saw. I began reaching out to fellow freelancers, friends, neighbors, family members to suggest simple energy-saving ways to design a home and life.

And suddenly, I found a new passion.

I started by simply following along with webinars. After a year or so, I decided to get certified so that I Could continually improve energy performance in my own practice. The scope of this certification is far broader than just my practice as it follows consensus guidelines established by the United States Department of Energy.  While I only needed this to have a simple little home office, I suddenly found myself able to plan effective energy management, manage energy information, implement energy management programs, manage associated budget and finances, and implement energy efficient projects.

So here I am – an artist by hobby and an Energy Management Consultant for small business and NGOs in my city. I recently got a bid to consult for a major American tech company that I’m not allowed to write on my blog just yet. And I have found that despite years of thinking I’m an artist with no corporate agenda, helping major companies function more responsibly helps the world run better.

All that to say – if you’re looking for a consultant for an energy management program, project, or office, no matter how big or small, I may be able to help out. I’ll do so respectfully, responsibly, and with your best interest in mind RIGHT behind the best interest of the world at large.

Oh! And! Of course, if you’re looking for a graphic artist, I’m still very actively creating logos, branding, marketing, web interface, and any other visual needs you and your company may need! I’ve done everything from a logo of a cow drinking a milkshake, swag for a camp-themed corporate retreat that I’m sure every employee hated, web interface for a medical ethics submission platform, and even a centennial event for an entire city! I love taking your idea and bringing it to fruition – in an environmentally mindful way!