My Nine University Review

An Amazon FBA business is an arrangement where the seller – also known as a Vendor – gets to choose what products to sell. Vendors also find a supplier, order products, package, and ship their merchandise to one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Products are stored at this fulfillment center until customers place orders, and then Amazon takes care of the rest.

Amazon FBA streamlines customer care solutions so sellers can focus on providing quality products. All shipping logistics are taken care of by Amazon from their fulfillment centers, so once your product is in their warehouse, you can sit back and relax.

As soon as a customer places an order with an FBA merchant, Amazon employees find the product in their fulfillment warehouse and take it off the shelf. They package it, prepare a shipping label, and add postage. When the package leaves the warehouse, it is on its way directly to the customer. Shipping times can vary by the processing time and distance from the Amazon warehouse, but Prime members often get two-day shipping.

In case the FBA business model hasn’t convinced you yet, Amazon also handles every aspect of customer care after the product has arrived at the buyer’s doorstep. They ensure customer satisfaction, encourage the buyer to leave a review, and assist buyers with returns.

By turning these tasks over to Amazon, you can focus on more important tasks, such as finding new product offerings and fine-tuning your sponsored advertisements.

In addition to a customer base, shipping logistics are no longer a concern because Amazon handles all fulfillment once your product arrives at their warehouse. Amazon employees will get your products into the hands of the customers in two-to-five days in most cases, and it will add a “Fulfilled by Amazon” logo onto your product listing, increasing customer trust.

How Does an FBA Business Work?

An FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) business is a traditional eCommerce business with a twist.

Traditional independent businesses fulfill orders as they come in, handling each order themselves. This means handling everything from product acquisition, advertisement, order shipments, and customer care after the order has shipped – including returns and customer complaints.

The products are stored in an Amazon warehouse until they are needed, and Amazon employees pick, pack and ship out the products on the business owner’s behalf.

With Amazon’s help, new entrepreneurs can focus their efforts on building a business and meeting the needs of customers without the burden of customer logistics.

Some of the retail giant’s most successful sellers maximize their FBA benefits by investing in time-tested online courses – such as those offered by Nine University. Students who take Nine University’s classes learn from experienced Amazon vendors who teach insider strategies and help students avoid mistakes.

How Nine University Works

Rather than a course, Nine University may be better described as an FBA consulting resource that teaches students how to scale Amazon FBA businesses in the current market.

The program works with students’ needs rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach.

The course offers hundreds of training videos and one-on-one consulting with experts.

Six- and seven-figure consultants provide personal help, and the program includes live-streamed group consulting.

By enrolling in Nine University, you will also have access to proprietary software, tools, and resources that will help you on the road to success with Amazon FBA. Much of the material is designed in-house or in conjunction with major global companies.

The training program from Nine University lends a guiding hand to individuals who are looking to replace their 9-5 income with a sustainable growth that allows them to work from home. The program is one of the few complete FBA training courses available and has an A BBB rating and over 260 customer reviews on the site. You will learn everything from how to find the right products, to listing your products, advertising, and shipment.

Each course module is taught by successful FBA vendors, which offers you the benefit of real-world experience that can save you from making costly mistakes.

Nine University was started by Taylor Hiott and Kale Abrahamson, who began as part-time Amazon sellers while continuing to work full-time jobs. Their Amazon success since then inspired them to teach others how to make a sustainable income on the platform.

Do You Need Nine University to Be Successful?

Theoretically, anyone willing to put in the time, research and money could succeed as an FBA merchant.

However, the learning curve is steep when sellers try it on their own and learning enough to make a substantial income could be expensive. It would take several years of dedicated patience and the willingness to depend on trial-and-error to be successful and sustainable.

Nine University is a training course taught by trusted instructors who have figured out the secrets to success in Amazon FBA, making it an investment that can shortcut the educational process and allow you to make more money faster – without having to worry about the expensive frustrations of trial-and-error failures.

Taking the Nine University course does not guarantee success.

Whether you succeed or fail depends largely on how strictly you follow the process, which products you choose, and buyer patterns. There are tons of entrepreneurs who routinely earn six-figure salaries and some who have become literal millionaires just by learning how to leverage the power of FBA.

Just look at the example of Larry Lubarsky.

Lubarsky started out with $100,000 in debt. By the age of 38, however, he was an Amazon FBA business owner with a company that brought in millions of dollars each year. Lubarsky tells those who aren’t sure whether Amazon FBA is worth their time that “it requires a lot of work,” but “If you’re willing to put in that work and build a real business, and grind and hustle, then this business is for you”

Coming from a self-made millionaire whose company pulled in $3 million in profits in its first year alone, that’s advice worth taking.