Customer Acquisition and Business Success

It’s no secret that I love spending my time working on creative projects. Whether it’s designing a website or putting together a video, I enjoy the challenge and the sense of accomplishment when I’m done. But what about customer acquisition? Isn’t that just as important for businesses? Turns out, it is! And after some research,… Read More

I Joined Nine University

My Nine University Review An Amazon FBA business is an arrangement where the seller – also known as a Vendor – gets to choose what products to sell. Vendors also find a supplier, order products, package, and ship their merchandise to one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Products are stored at this fulfillment center until customers… Read More

My New Passion

Responsible web design is not easy – it requires energy, internet, design time and space, and energy-efficient machines upon which to do the work. I spend about 90% of my work time and 70% of my personal time on internet-connected devices. This is the case for many people in my industry, age-range, field of work,… Read More

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials for Beginners: Basic Techniques

When you first open Adobe Illustrator, the program can be a little intimidating. There’s a ton of different buttons and nothing really says what it is. Moving your mouse around, you can find out the names of the different tools when you highlight them, but you’re going to want to play around with them to… Read More

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial for Beginners

Smartphones make it easy for you to take videos whenever and wherever you want. Amazing video cameras can be incredibly small, meaning you can easily shoot footage wherever you want. Yet, there’s something missing from the videos you’re creating on your own. If all you’re doing is recording the videos, you’re missing out on the… Read More