Are you interested in creating your own video? Do you want to learn how to create special effects or completely animate a short video by yourself? With the right software, it’s possible for you to learn how to make your videos far more entertaining for those who may view it. To get started, you’ll want to learn how to use Adobe After Effects.

After Effects is a complex software designed to create animations for movies. This enables you to do just about anything in your video, from adding words that can move and change to adding special effects like snow in the summer or a lightsaber that really works.

If you’d like to start creating your own videos with animation, you’ll want to learn how to use After Effects and everything you can do. Make sure you check out an Adobe After Effects tutorial to learn more about how the software works and what you can do with it. The instructor will guide you through the basics to learn how to do what you want to do for your videos.

What is After Effects?

After Effects is one of the design programs available from Adobe. Available in a subscription so you can continue to update your software easily, After Effects is the definitive tool for learning how to add animations and special effects to your videos. The After Effects animation tools provide everything you need to make your video fantastic and to ensure it’s exactly how you want it when you’re done with the editing process.

What Do You Need to Start Learning After Effects?

If you want to start learning how to do more with the videos you create, you’re going to need a subscription to the After Effects animation software. This will provide everything you need to enhance your videos. You will need an Adobe account for this and will have to download the software to your computer. It’s a good idea to check the computer requirements to make sure your computer can handle the software.

You will also need videos you’re ready to play with and that you can experiment with to see what you can do. Although some tutorials will provide videos with you to use along with their lessons, you may want to try out what you learn on your own. This helps you really learn how to use the tools and see what they can do.

You may also want to check out the tutorials that are available for After Effects. This is a fantastic idea, especially if you’re new to editing videos, because the beginner tutorials provide all of the help you need to get started. They’ll start out with the very basics and then move onto more advanced skills so you can easily see how you progress and how quickly you can learn the basics to use After Effects for your videos.

Learn the Terms Used in Video Editing

If you have no experience with creating and editing videos, start at the beginning. Take the time to learn some of the terms that will be frequently used when you’re checking out tutorials or using the software. This will help you understand what you’re doing so you can practice on your own and start to improve. A quality beginner Adobe animate tutorial will often review some of the most common terms they’ll use during the tutorial. A few terms you’ll want to know when you’re getting started include the following.

  • Visual Effects – Visual effects are what you’ll be creating in After Effects. They include any type of alteration done to the images of the video. Basically, anything you add on later instead of recording with your video camera.
  • Frame Rate – This is how many frames are shown in a set period of time. Most of the time, the frame rate is shown as frames per second. In general, 24 frames per second, written as 24p, is the standard for movies.
  • Keying or Composting – Using a green screen or blue screen to add in a scenery behind a character or combining two different videos by placing one on another one is called keying. You may also see this as composting, as the words are generally interchangeable.
  • CGI – CGI stands for “Computer-Generated Imagery” and it’s a term you might be familiar with if you’re a fan of movies. A lot of movies nowadays are CGI because computers are used to enhance the video and add in other characters or special effects.

Check Out Beginner Tutorials for a Basic Overview of What You Can Do

Once you’ve purchased a subscription to After Effects, you can download the program and begin to play around with what it can do. Adobe After Effects can do so much, though, that just playing around on your own isn’t going to help you really learn how to use the program effectively.

When you’re ready to start learning how to create amazing effects in videos, you’ll want to check out a beginner’s Adobe After Effects tutorial. Tutorials aimed at beginners start at the very beginning, assuming you have no prior experience working with the program. Most of the time, they’re going to briefly cover just about everything you’ll need to know to start working on creating your own video.

Beginner’s programs can be lengthy, but that’s simply because they need to cover quite a bit of material. It’s a good idea to go through each of the lessons, even if you’re a little familiar with the topic for that lesson, as you’ll likely learn something new or a better way to do something.

Work Through Exercises to Try Editing with the Software

Many times, a beginner Adobe animate tutorial will provide exercises you can try out on your own after each lesson or after a few lessons. It’s a good idea to work on these exercises as they appear so you can try out what you’ve learned and see how it all works.

When you’re working on the exercises, don’t be afraid to go back to the lesson if you need to clarify how something works or how you should do something. This is how you’re going to learn all of the skills covered in the tutorial and how you’re going to get a good start on making your first video on your own.

Often, a beginner’s tutorial will have a final project you can work on as well. This project includes many or all of the skills you’ve learned throughout the tutorial. Go through the final project step by step, following what you’ve learned in the tutorial. After that, you can go through it again and experiment a little bit more to see what you can do on your own.

Move onto More Advanced Tutorials

Once you’ve finished the beginner’s tutorial, you should have a good idea of how everything works and what you can do. However, these tutorials only provide an overview of everything After Effects can do since the program is incredibly complex. After finishing the beginner’s tutorial, you might want to check out more advanced tutorials.

The more advanced tutorials will review specific skills for After Effects animation in more detail. If there’s a certain thing you’d like to do in your videos, you can check out the advanced tutorials to find out how it’s done. There’s no reason to stop learning when there’s always something new to check out or to practice, and the advanced tutorials can provide the information you are looking for.

Start Working on Your Own Creation

When you have the program and you’ve done a beginner’s Adobe animate tutorial, it’s time to see what you can do and to play around with the software a bit more. At this point, you should have a good overview of what you can do and how you can do it. You can then take some of the footage or ideas you have and start creating your own movie that you’re going to be proud to show off to others.

Learning how everything works does take some time, but you’ll have the basics down for everything you may want to do. You can then create movies that include special effects or that are completely animated, depending on your own ideas. With this software, you can be as creative as you want to be and create anything you might think of that would work for your movies.

If you’re ready to start learning how to create your own movies and how to add any special effects you might want, make sure you learn how to use Adobe After Effects. This is an amazing software that includes an abundance of tools you can use to alter your movie however you want.

Get started today by checking out an Adobe After Effects tutorial for beginners. You’ll learn all of the basics to get you started right away so you can start creating the video you are imagining. Check out the tutorials now to start learning everything you need to know about creating amazing videos.

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