About Matthew M Smith

Throughout my professional career, I’ve focused on creative pursuits. I’ve worked hard at learning to use the different programs available today to create my own designs, videos, and more, and I enjoy working on projects that allow me to use my creativity. Through this, I’ve become an expert in many of the most popular design and editing programs available today.

My Focus on Creativity

I’ve spent a good part of my professional career working on designs and videos. I’ve been able to express myself through my creativity and used my creativity to create numerous amazing projects. I’ve always been interested in designs, photo editing, video editing and more ways to use my creativity as much as possible and have thoroughly enjoyed doing the work I do.

Programs I Use

Today’s computer programs offer an amazing number of tools to help make designs and editing easier. Yet, it does take some practice to start using these programs, much less to become an expert in them. I use a variety of Adobe programs today for my work. Some of the programs I have worked with and enjoy working with include Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop.